Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2018October 7 - 11, 2018 Melbourne, Australia

Dr John Koehn


John is a freshwater fish ecologist who has conducted a wide range of research on native fishes in his 35 years’ experience and has applied this knowledge to the assessment, conservation and management of their populations and riverine ecosystems. He has authored many scientific publications, been a national winner of Banksia Foundation and Rivercare awards for scientific research and is a past President of the Australian Society for Fish Biology.  He has been a member of many Ministerial and agency committees, national recovery teams, projects and environmental flow advisory panels, providing scientific advice to guide management and policy. He convened the ASFB “Climate change and the aquatic environment – the future for fish and fisheries” in Melbourne in 2010. Current research includes the use of population models to assist the delivery of environmental flows and other actions to rehabilitate fish populations in the Murray-Darling Basin.  


In this presentation I will introduce the forum and speakers and provide a short recap of the purpose and outcomes of the 2010 ASFB “Climate change and the aquatic environment – the future for fish and fisheries” symposium and the public event held at this venue. I will then comment on the surrounding politics and how this has impacted the uptake of 2010 findings and the current state of play. I will synthesise the impact of climate change on freshwater ecosystems, especially within the Murray-Darling Basin, and detail progress toward dealing with this. 

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