Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2018October 7 - 11, 2018 Melbourne, Australia

Professor Gretta Pecl


Gretta is a Professor of marine ecology and her research includes detecting and understanding how our changing climate can affect the distribution and abundance of Australia’s marine species, and how our fishing and aquaculture industries can best adapt to these changes. She was instrumental in the development of the citizen science project Redmap – aka the Range Extension Database and Mapping project  for ecological monitoring and community engagement. Gretta is a Fulbright Fellow and an ARC future fellow and is currently working with international colleagues on a Global Network of Marine Hotspots. She is internationally renowned for her innovative work on the biology and ecology of cephalopods and is Editor-in-Chief of the international journal Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries and the Director of the Centre for Marine Socioecology.


Waters around Australia are warming at a rate much faster than the global average, so what has this meant for Australia’s marine ecosystems, and what might happen in the future? I will talk about how the distribution of species is changing as a function of these warming waters, and how Australia’s fishers and divers have been instrumental in documenting some of these changes.  My talk will concentrate on our cooler-water temperate systems, in particular, the significant changes occurring off Tasmania. She will also discuss how our fishing and aquaculture industries have already started responding and adapting to climate change. 

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