Australian Society for Fish Biology Conference 2018October 7 - 11, 2018 Melbourne, Australia

Dr Alistair Hobday


Alistair’s research interests include spatial management and migration of large pelagic species, environmental influences on marine species, the impacts of climate change, variability and extremes on marine resources, and development and testing of adaptation options for marine conservation, fisheries and aquaculture. He is widely published and an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Marine Socioecology at the University of Tasmania, a past co-chair for the international IMBeR (International Marine Biosphere Research) program CLIOTOP (Climate Impacts on Top Ocean Predators) from 2010-2015, and now serves on the Scientific Committees for CLIOTOP and IMBeR.


In 2010, we were in the preliminary stages of documenting marine climate impacts, and projecting changes to species distribution, abundance and behaviour. Rapid change in the ocean has certainly occurred, and the scientific evidence for this has increased dramatically. We now recognise the importance of climate-related extreme events, such as marine heatwaves, storms and floods. These events provide a window into the future and suggest that impacts will be even faster than we had anticipated. I will explore how the focus of research has moved from documenting impacts to climate proofing fisheries and conservation management and how are we planning for sustainability.

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